VAT and VAT Reclaims

Working closely to understand your business, we can highlight VAT exemptions and opportunities, deal with government authorities on your behalf, assist with audits and assessments, and represent your company at disputes and appeals.


VAT Services

You can spend a great deal of time grappling with VAT rules, or you can get The Company Books specialist VAT Management team help and get back to running your business by:

  • Providing advice on the best VAT scheme for your business
  • Helping you plan and structure your VAT transactions to minimise unwarranted VAT
  • Highlighting applicable VAT exemptions and minimising your costs
  • Assisting you to deal with Government authorities on all taxation issues
  • Assist with VAT audits and assessments and represent you at VAT disputes and appeals

International VAT Services

No matter where your company is located, we can help you take advantage of VAT opportunities and ensure VAT compliance. Our specialist VAT services team also assists the EU companies with making international repayments and managing import and export duties.